Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

Yesterday was a wonderful day, the day of the royal wedding, and I am very glad that I spent it out there, in central London, with my camera. It was a day full of great atmosphere of celebration and everyone could feel the union of people of different nationalities and backgrounds.
Luckily it was not raining, the sky was grey and unhappy, but the crowd was wonderful, people were chatting with strangers, smiling and greeting every person or car going down the Mall and preparing last bits and pieces before the celebration begins.
I spent few hours around the area truly enjoying the atmosphere, and slowly heading to Trafalgar square to see the wedding ceremony live on a big screen there.
Here are some pictures I took that day.

Dull morning 7a.m. in front of the Palace

Best seats are taken

These ladies were especially proud of their copies of royal engagement rings

St.Jamese's park

First trip to london with her parents. Just look at that crown! )

The Mall before it all started

It was a long wait for the 1st rows, but smile is still there
Loved that bench crowd. Waiting in St.Jamese's park

...first marches are about to start
Guards marching to the Abbey to greet the Royals

and another cutie )

Pearly queens, kings, princesses and pinces

Part of the route to the Westminster Abbey

Trafalgar' Square crowd

Ed singing God Save the Queen with a crowd

...and some champagne to celebrate
Just married! God bless them!

Confetti and Nelson's column