Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Shi Cashmere Autumn/Winter 2010 shoot

It was my almost first experience to shoot a collection lookbook for the same company for the 2nd time. We also decided to work with the same model and same make-up artist, as the combination was just perfect. This time we knew exactly what to expect from each other. Lauren - the model - knew the poses Shi likes the most and also the poses complementing shapes and textures of the clothes. Kelly knew the make up requirements very well too. I used different colour background and lighting setup this time, but tried to keep same look for the brand. I think it is great to work with same people on a project, who are not only professional, but also very nice and comfortable to work with. Such a luck! Of course it doesn't happen every time, but this time I really enjoyed it.
Here are some image shots we did in the end of the day - and as a perfect finish of a shoot I always like - we had some fun with a scarf and unpredictable, unplanned shots.

Test beauty shoot2

Here is some selection of final images from the test beauty shoot I posted soem information before.