Friday, 18 December 2009


Importance of backup. I've been told to many times to backup all the imformation on my computer and, most importantly, all my pictures... Well, I actually did, but not everything. My last photoshoots were waiting to be backed up at the moment when my hard drive collapsed. Everyone who will ever be reading this, please save everything you have now and resave it again somewhere else. Thank you )

Raymond's exhibition

Last night I was pleased to attend my dear friend's Raymond's exhibition at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.

Interesting work was shown by University's students, but my main point of attention was of course Raymon Tan's work. The concept was based on 6 basic emotions people can have and the way a viewer feels when confronted by these images. Great concept and and amazing images and video instalaltion - good example of transformation of photography, digital art and a concept into work which makes you think and analise yourself. Well done, Ray!

Couple of snapshots from the privat view.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Every day in the underground I'm passing by a poster of NPG "Beatles to Bowie" exhibition with a portrait of young David Bowie by David Wedgbury on it. This picture really makes my day. It's outstandingly beautiful in its simplicity and power. It is a true photographic piece of work - caught moment in history, expression, light. I'm a believer that this is what photography should be, this is what a photographer should do - reflect this world in it's beauty and ugliness first of all. There is nothing we should invent - the world is beautiful enough, probably even more than we are able to see.

I think that great photographers in general can see a bit more than anyone else. This is what is called "photographers eye" - to see and be able to show something the way people can not see or express it. There is so much more in our heads than one can express in words and, more difficult, visually. When a picture can say something, say more than one can express and see - this is a true work of art, this is what I love in photography. Considering that there are too many bad photographs nowadays, which do not have visual impact, or, more often, have nothing to say.

I need to admit, that I'm talking now about real photography, not digitalised works - which are forms of art, but actually not true photography I believe.

So, yes, that picture makes my day and reminds me what I really-really want to achieve.

NPG "Beatles to Bowie. the 6os exposed"

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Yesterday was a very nice day, even weather - frosty and sunny (in the morning). For me just snow was missing. After spending 25 years of my life in the region where snow is something ordinary, now I really miss it (I did not think I would). How beautiful that is when it's sunny cold day, everything around you is so purely white and every little snowflake reflects sun with 100s of sparkles... Sounds like fairy tale, but when it's so far away I remember it just like that.
Found some old snapshots...

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Test beauty shoot

Here we are. Some “backstage” pictures from a test shoot I’ve done recently. It’s the first proper model shoot I’ve done at home, in my new little studio. I’m trying to get everything I could out of space I have and out of lights I have at home, so that shoot was a big trial.

It is very important during the shoot to keep sense of humour, relaxed atmosphere. That’s why this shoot was a successful example for me. To the end it all want so crazy and funny – that’s where I got my fav shots.

Thanks to Kelly Mendiola for great job done, as always.