Monday, 31 August 2009

Summer's over

Summer is over. AGAIN! Why time goes so fast. 31 August every year I say myself: “Next summer I promise to spend more time by the sea, go away with tent and bbq “equipment”, rent a car and travel far away...etc.” And it never happens like that - always too busy, need to do this and that. But I cannot complain. I have some great memories this year. A bit of seagulls, sand, cold English sea water, train and train again, great music and beautiful fields and amazing gardens...

Finally find below some random pictures below summarizing my lazy long photographic summer days (lazy because I did not have enough strength to write something here, just was summer.) The rest will be published as updates to my website soon.

Monday, 3 August 2009


Last few days I was very busy doing Photojournalism course at LCC, which was good thing to do after long lazy break. My decision on doing this course was based initially not on my passion for the subject, but that was the biggest challenge for me – going out of my comfort zone – to do something completely opposite to what I usually do in photography...

These were the busiest photographic days in my life (literally almost 20 hrs a day I spent doing/thinking/planning photography). The tutor – Robert Johns – probably one of the best tutors I ever had – passionate about his profession, amazing photographer and above that –great heaven-born teacher. I truly enjoyed the course, had amazing time and most importantly – I changed my mind about my way in photography, discovered something I did not know about myself. Is not that great? I think the results will have effect on my work soon.

Some pictures done during the course are below.